drum and bass production !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey intrested in producing drum and bass & other electronic music , or already do, and lack good samples, or programs to make it in ? i have over 100,000 samples and loops in my possesion on various compelation cd/dvds geared strictly to electronic music production...
heres a list of what i have ready to go, i sell each cd for veryyy cheap so dont be shy to ask any questions, and dont be fooled these samples are not pirated or available for download on the net, they are vary exclusive to these cd's.

Add me to msn if you have any questions, or send me a e-mail ***email hidden***

Dream 101- 1 cd/dvd
a collection of over 4.1gigs worth of synth & synth related sounds. vary good cd !!

Dream 202- 1 cd
a collection of over 10000 drums & related sounds,over 50 different drum kits alone..

Deadly Drums 2- 1 cd
500 high quality drum sounds, vary exclusive to this cd.. comes with bonus cd Deadly Keys free...

Mammoth Sounds v1- 1 cd/dvd
3.5 gigs of royalty free sounds !! loops, hits, kits, atmospheric, and much more !!

Drum And Bass Archive Vol1- 4 cd/1bonuscd
4 cd collection over 5000 sounds strictly geared for drumandbass/jungle, these cds are a must have for jungle production, has lots of everything !!

DarkPlanet 2- 1 cd
1200 sounds strictly for dark jungle production (vary vary popular) darkplanet 1 is around talkt o me about it if your really intrested.

pro tools- 1cd
this cd is full of over 4000 sounds, and im positive you will find use for every single one of them !!
great feedback on this one, also these sounds go hand and hand with the program protools...but they are .wav sounds that work with almost any program..

Batter 2 1 cd/dvd
4 gigs of sounds...
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Did you make all those samples yourself?
Must have taken you agaes to create all those sounds?
How do you make them an with what?
Do you record them live or what?...........

Oh yeah i forgot, they are other peoples sounds that you sell for cheaper than they do without having done any of the work!!!


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tdot_junglist said:
these samples are not pirated or available for download on the net
Could you give me some proof that you are the copyright owner of this material, or that you have permission to resell it? PM or email me please...

In the mean time i'm locking this thread
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