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    You can now buy the previously CD only eponymous debut from Model Of Society direct from Electramento Records.

    Model Of Society are UYN's latest supergroup and are made up of production warlord Lenski and the vocal talents of Starsky and Wiservice's MC Whipcrack. Guest vocals come from Ochs and scratches from Adflex.

    The whole 8-track she-bang is only 2 pounds or 25p a track and you can preview all the tracks straight from the site. This is a total bargain and if you've had the pleasure of catching Model Of Society you'll know this.

    Support Model of Society and UYN by buying the download HERE in quality 320kbps MP3

    1. A. Scribbler
    2. Overthrown
    3. High Life
    4. Point & Ski
    5. My Recent Departure
    6. Nihal Poppers
    7. RFG2U
    8. Southski