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    Afterlife “The AfterLife Lounge” on ILabel
    This barely left my CD Deck for about two weeks. This is such good music I was locked into this sound as soon as it eased itself out of the speakers. Afterlife will be residents at Café Mambo in Ibiza this year, if that give you an idea of how lush these sounds are. “Let It Go “ has been getting plenty of attention with Battistessa’s lush vocals. There is a superb remix version by RKW too. “Lovedub” is a bubbler of a track, Sunkist guitars and rich violin swells flow to the beats and bass of the dub style. Kid Stone appears on a couple of tracks, the relaxing “Breakfast at Benirras” and “Sleazebag”, which is one of favourites on the LP. Its mysterious but blusey Trip Hop flex appeals greatly to me. Chris Coco also joins Afterlife on “Home” which is a spaciously mind expanding number. Coldcut also appears with his version of “The Alkemyst” which is another firm favourite of mine. If you’re looking for some fresh music to relax to, look no further.