Do you KNOW old UK Jungle?

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by pinkpimp, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Sep 10, 2007
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    I'm trying to figure out the artist and title of an old UK Jungle track, from approximately 1993.

    Forgive me if my memory is a little hazy, but I was having a fucking great time back in those days. :D

    Anyway, what I remember of the track is that it had a sample from the video game 'Streetfighter,' and the sample was 'Tiger Uppercut' as used by the character Sagat.

    I also remember one of the main lyrics being 'sung' by a dark Ragga voice, "Find 'dem, Chop 'dem, Bury 'dem Good!"

    Ring any bells with anyone? I only ever heard it on a white label a friend had, and we were playing it roughly the same year 'Origin Unknown - Valley of The Shadow' was out.

    Thanks in advance!