DnB tracks? DnB inspired? Feedback is very welcome!

treib haus

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Jan 26, 2021
hello im new here, and if have no idea if my tracks are DnB. maybe im in the complete wrong place. i make music for fun. mixing, mastering is bad i know... BUT: if someone can tell me why it sounds not "professionel" - that would be great. too much low end? compression? the first track is one (in my opinion) best sounding tracks i made. but still it sounds not "good" in terms of quality.
but maybe someone likes the musical ideas and can give me any feedback. hello to all. and sorry for my bad language and so on. im somehow overchallenged...

you can listen to some tracks here:

this one should be DnB??
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Around that oldchool breakbeat drums! You can make anything.... Correct if im wrong:)

>I agree with people who have taken my account... All the best! (Real NissansunnyGTR)
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