DNB Magazine Edition 3 Preview

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    -- DNB Magazine Edition 3 Preview --

    DNB Magazine’s main focus is to bring the world Drum & Bass scenes
    together through information & knowledge. DNB Magazine is a FREE
    publication distributed in various cities worldwide, 6 times per year at
    20,000 copies per edition.

    Our key highlighted features in the magazine include:

    · Artist Features
    · Label Features
    · Scene news updates
    · Record / Tune Reviews
    · Technology Reviews
    · Art & Graffiti
    · Fashion
    · World Scene Reports
    · Worldwide Top 10’s

    website : http://www.dnb-mag.com

    media kit + rate card : http://www.dnb-mag.com/downloads/media-kit.doc

    DNB Magazine delivers creative and complete coverage of the worldwide Drum & Bass community. Our goal is to provide thoughtful commentary, unique content, useful information and the latest news in the industry.

    Edition 3 :

    · Artist Feature -- Kenny Ken / Muffler
    · Label Features -- Timewave Audio
    · Scene news updates -- France
    · Record / Tune Reviews -- Various
    · Technology Reviews -- Pioneer
    · Art & Graffiti -- Various
    · Fashion -- I LOVE JUNGLE !
    · World Scene Reports -- Holland & France
    · Worldwide Top 10’s -- Various Artists

    We currently distribute in the following cities:

    London, Brighton, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Peine, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Manheim, Frankfurt, Wuerzburg, Stutgart, Nurtingen, Prague, Vienna, Basel, Bern, Brussles, Paris, Italy, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, New York, Brazil Australia & New Zealand.

    Other distribution channels & partners include:

    -Chemical Records
    -Dirty Needle Records
    -JPR Records
    -White Label Records
    -Intense Records
    -Subtronix (New Zealand)
    -Inertia (Australia)
    -Beat Street Records (Vancouver)
    -Polyrhythm Records (Seattle)
    -United Drum & Bass (Los Angeles)
    -Boxed Media (Los Angeles / Orange County)
    -Breakbeat Science (New York)
    -Basshead Productions (Miami
    -A-tention (Holland)
    -Fahrwerk (germany)
    -BPM Records (Switzerland)
    -Propop (Italy)
    -Disturbed Recordings (Estonia)

    Anyone wanting to submit tunes, reviews, events or other updates please contact us!

    Eric / Marc
    DNB Magazine Editors