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    Enjoy the mix lads and ladesses. This is one of my best mixes iv put together, so hope it ticks most of the boxes for you. Comments are welcome

    Download Here

    Track Listing-

    Machine Gun - Noisia (Spor Remix)
    Bullet time - Bad Company (Spor Remix)
    Alice - Moby (Noisia Remix)
    Something Good - High Contrast
    Messiah - Konflict (Spor Remix)
    Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol (Marky & Bungle Remix)
    True Believer - Shock One (Phesta & Metrik)
    Can't Take It - Nero
    We are the people - Empire of the sun (Sub Focus Remix)
    Squelch - Baron (Sub Focus Remix)
    Ghosts N Stuff - Deadmau5 (Sub Focus Remix)
    Painkiller - Freestylers ft Pendulum (Noisia Remix)
    Hold On (feat AMber Koffman) - Rusko (Sub Focus Remix)
    Rabbit Heart - Florence & The Machine (Beatnik Remix)