Drum & Bass DnB Culture vs Drum+Basics

EZ all,

I've enjoyed making a couple of studio mixes recently and would like to share with you.

The first is for those who like their dnb with deep, world & tribal vibes. It's the February guest mix for UK-based outfit Drum+Basics, who also offer events listings, interviews and a weekly minimix of recent releases to help you discover new tunes.

iTunes users can find it here -> http://t.co/CfDA966V and subscribe to the Drum+Basics feed (which includes guest mixes and the weekly minimix) if you wish.

For everyone else -> http://bit.ly/wTTWqk

The second is my guest mix for DnB Culture, based in Canada, to celebrate their 1st birthday. DnB Culture offer cool tshirts and regular guest mixes. I went in hard on this one, dug out some old favourites I havent played in a long while with a detour back to 1996 for some junglist vibes.

Grab the mix and don't forget to check out the tshirts ;) -> http://t.co/acRYM5Vw

Sweet. Keep an ear out for the AutomAte podcast (I have a big mix from Amoss incoming) and another guest mix for London outfit Intent2Supply is in the pipeline ;)


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Forgot to mention, with all my mixes, the tracklisting can be found in the 'Lyrics' section of the ID3 tags embedded in the mp3 file.

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The track list isn't posted on Dnb Culture page, but you can find it here -> http://www.drumandbassmovement.com/forum/topics/culturebasics

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This just in!

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