D'n'B '94-'01 Tunes for sale


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Check these before they go on ebay in a few days. Loads of rare singles from 94-2001. They need a good home :coffee:

Email us: semtek@gmail.com or drop us a pm if yr interested, prices and audio samples on demand.



3Way and Mask and Swabe Sub Zero Cash Till Dope Dragon
Alex Reece Acid Lab Out of Time Island
Amon Tobin Like Regular Chickens (Dillinja Mix) Ninja Tune
Ant Miles Make It Happen Surreal Liftin' Spirits
Architex Vs Loxy Submerged Psychic Mental Discharge Architex
A-Sides East Side Jamz 1. Sampler Assasins (Facs Remix) Clues East Side
A-Sides and Peshay Bustin Up Styles Ep Membrane Level 2 Rocksteady East Side
Bad Company Book of the Bad 1 The Voice Believe Numbers Bad Company
Bad Company The Nine Dog Fight Bad Company
Bad Company 4 Days (Moving Fusion Mix) Hunted Inside the machine - album sampler Bad Company
Bally Sagoo Tum Bin Jaya (Grooverider Mix) Chura Liya (Hype Mix) Columbia
Basic Unit White Blossom Silver Wolf Moving Shadow
Bizzi B and Pugwash Tonic's Jazz Lick Utopia Suburban Base
Bjork I Miss You (Photek Mix) Cover Me (Dillinja Mix) One Little Indian
Blame Music Takes You (Original) Music Takes You (Jon B Mix) Music Takes You (Kaotic Kemistry Mix) Moving Shadow
BLIM Filterzon (Blim Mix) Glaciers Emotif
Brockie and Ed Solo Showdown Ep Get Raw Showdown VIP Feeling Undiluted
Capone - Hometown Ep Rinsin Sound Ooh Baby Can't Let GO You and Me Valve
Carlito Grapevine Diffusion Room Creative Source
Cause 4 Concern High Down Strange Nature Timeless
Chronic Who The Hell Am I Round 2 Chronic
Codename John The Warning Structure of Red Metalheadz
Cybin Roller Unhuman Spy Emcee
D Product Balanced Spacehorn Full Cycle
Danny Breaks The Bear (Remix) Dropping Science
Danny Breaks From Beyond Infinity EP Dropping Science
Decoder Twister Quake Technical Itch
Decoder Pushin Nosis Ruffneck Ting
Decoder Fog The Difference Hard Leaders
Decoder BS9 EP Dead Calm Last Stop Hazardous Technical Itch
Decoder and Peshay Fuse Tension Elementz
Digital The Swamp Red Mist Creative Source
Digital and Futurebound Spacefunk (Digital Mix) Spacefunk (Future Bound Mix) Timeless
Dj Cam Innervisions (Dj Die Remix) Innervisions (Flytronix Remix) Columbia
Dj Die Reincarnated (The Remix) Achilles Heel Full Cycle
Dj Hype Peace Love and Unity Remix True Playaz
DJ Red Ride Silo Stealth
Dj Teebee Fingerprints Second Coming Certificate 18
Dj Teebee Travel in Silence EP April Dawn Travel In Silence Blue Rose Subtitles
Dj Zinc feat. MC GQ Bring The Danger Stretched True Playaz
Dom + Matrix The Vandal Footsteps Moving Shadow
Dom And Roland Renegade Hardware
Dope Skillz Controlled Freak The Case Firing Time You Belong to Me True Playaz
D-Product Telementary Full Cycle
Dr S Gachet Remember the Roller Remixes Audio Maze
Dylan Blackout Remix Toothache Dropping Science
Dylan Witchcraft Dropping Science
Dylan and Facs Long Stroke Yewsh! Dropping Science
Dylan and Loxy End of Dayz Remix Epidemic Cylon
Dylan and Loxy Turbulence Desolation Dropping Science
e Whatever (Lemon D Remix) Epic
EBTG Blame (J Majik Remix) Blame (Fabio Remix) Blame (Grooverider Jeep Dub) Virgin
Ed Rush and Voyager Check Me Out Barracuda Deejay
Elements of Noise Torch Mephisto Smokers Inc
Embee Power Damage Splash Recordings
Embee Odyssey Skyliner Fuze
E-Z Rollers 25 Alpha Spin Out II Moving Shadow
Facz Wreckage Asylum Partisan
Forces of Nature Coolspot (PFM Mix) Coolspot (Big Bud Mix) Clean Up
Future Cut Bloodline Ep Whiplash (Lemon D remix) Renegade Hardware
Genaside II Mr. Maniac (DJ Zinc Remix) Mr. Maniac (Dylan Remix) Northwestside Records
Goldie feat. KRS-1 Digital (Boymerang Mix) Metalheadz
Guardians of Dalliance Beneath Sunrise New Swing Jack Solataire Moving Shadow
Here Comes Trouble 6 DJ Red - Uprise IQ Collective - Transmission Trouble on Vinyl
Hoover 2Wicky (DJ Pulse Remix) Columbia
Indo Aminata Leo Leo (Alex Reece Mix) Leo Leo (Peshay Mix) Leo Leo (Flytronix Mix) Ishtar
Influx Datum Can't Understand Forever New Identity Recs
Instinct The Last Day Moving Shadow
Insync II Phunk Not Funk So Unique Dread
J Majik Freefall Transmission Metalheadz
J Majik Lightsabre Blakstar InfraRed
J Majik and Futurebound Tell Me (Total Science Mix) We Analyze (Moving Fusion Mix) InfraRed
Jaz Klash BQE (Dj Die Remix) Cup Of Tea
John B Slamfunk Undertow Formation
John B Hold it Down The Way I Feel Creative Source
Jon B Pressure Formation
Jonny L 20 Degrees (Doc Scott Remix) Brother XL
Jonny L Selecta Piranah
Jonny L Running Spike Piranah
Kemal and Rob Data Submerge Test Tube Timeless
Klute Curly Wurly Splendour Metalheadz
Klute We R The Ones Certificate 18
Klute We R The Ones (Klute Remix) Chicks (Doc Scott Remix) Certificate 18
Konflict Bad Acid Doorway - Usual Suspects Renegade Hardware
Krust Coded Language (feat. Saul Williams) Excuses Talkin Loud
Krust Kloakin Device Break Ya Neck Full Cycle
Krust and Lemon D Blaze Dis One Change Remix V Recordings
KUS Beretta Liquid Kickin Underground Sound
L Double Style Warz The Pledge Mecca
Legacy (Total Science) Global Spin Point 7 Bear Necessities
M.T.S. Hard Disk Remix Juice Records
Machine Code Real Change (Blue Note Mix) Real Change (Hard Mix) Protocol
Mama Mystique Tremendous (Dj Krust Remix) Multiply
Mampi Swift Load Soul True Playaz
Mask and Swabe Splurt (Ray Kieth Remix) Blow Da Fuse Miami Bass Kitchen Sink Dope Dragon
Mastermind The Essence Summer Fresh Moving Shadow
MATT Sonic Energy Interogation Juice Records
MC Det Elementz of Reality (Tonic Mix) Elementz of Reality Sound of the Underground
Mental Power Intelligence Unknown Formation
Military Police Shit Maan Darkside Dread
MK II Bonekrusher (Dj Suv Remix) Sony
Moby Go (Drum and Bass Mix) Unknown Unknown
Modern Moves Heart Attack Z Planes Based on Bass
Moving Fusion Atlantis Fish Tank Peacekeeper The Witness Ram Records
Musical Abstract Art (Dj Ron) Subconscious Creativity Pimp
Myshkin Arrogance PP7 Task Series
Nasty Habits Liquid Fingers (Goldie Remix) Deep Beats 31 Records
Nasty Habits Liquid Fingers Liquid Beats 31 Records
Nico featuring Makai Omen No U-Turn
Omni Trio Byte Size Life - Shimon Remix Byte Size Life - Mr Scruff Remix Moving Shadow
Origination Brace Yourself Mental Relaxation Creative Source
Perfect Combination BreakDown Summer Vibes Formation
Peshay/Flytronix Tribute Reunion Pivotal
Photek The Bleeps (Something Else) Something Else (Photek Remix) Photek Records
Planet V Remixes Autumn (PeshayMix) Autumn (Dillinja Mix) Closer (Ray Kieth Terrorist Mix) Closer (Ray Kieth Dark Soldier Mix) V Recordings
Pressure Rise Stranger (Bad Company Mix) Aspect
Profound Noize Soundscape No Way Out Under Fire
Project 23 Pleasure and the Pain Pleasure and the Pain (Peshay Mix) Dorado
Q Project Feel It Wild Pitch Genetic Stress
Q Project Trouble Daylight Advanced
Q Project Champion Sound (Bad Company Mix) CIA
Q Project 40 Below Safety Clause Timeless
Ray Kieth Do It The Reckoning V Recordings
Ray Kieth Something Out There (Dillinja Remix) Something Out There (Ray Kieth Samba Remix) Something Out There (Bad Company Remix) Something Out There (Twisted Anger Remix) UFO
Ray Kieth and Nookie Sing Time (VIP) Self Destruction Dread
Roni Size Snapshot (Krust Remixes) Full Cycle
Rufige Cru Stormtrooper VIP The Beach Metalheadz
Ryme Tyme We Enter (Optical Mix) No U-Turn
Ryme Tyme and Trace Move VIP Frogger 1210 Recs
Ryme Tyme, Optical and Bad Company Twisted Ghostbusters Seizure Skin Tag Virus Recordings
Sci Clone Melt O.D. Metalheadz
Sci-Clone Hold On Lucid Metalheadz
Secret Weapon The Show System Exclusive Protocol
Soul Coughing Grooverider Mixes Higher Education
Source Direct Enemy Lines Capital D Science
Spirit and Digital Gateman Mayhem Phantom Audio
State Logik Rhodes to Nowhere Technologik State of the Art
Subnation Scottie (Ray Kieth Remix) Scottie (Coolbreeze Remix) Labello Blanco
Suv Parklands Dark Angel Full Cycle
Suv feat. Marta Alfombra Magica Continuum Full Cycle
Swan-E and Undercut High Rollers Don’t Change SUS
Tech Itch Technical Itch
Teebee Vs Brandy You Don't Know Me White
The Invaderz Wintersun Control My Mind Metalheadz
The Kraft (Mampi Swift) Feel Good Just Roll (VIP) Charge
The Specialist Deep and Rolling Drop it on the One Dread
The Urban Dread Top Priority Breezing Through the Jungle Ruff n Tuff Recordings
Total Science Jet Set (Invaderz Mix) Advanced
Total Science Silent Reign EP Metalheadz
Total Science Split Personality Timeless
Total Science Freak Me Sophisticated Bitch Timeless
Total Science Extra Curricular Jet Set Advanced
Total Science Make Me Feel Ep Make Me Feel Nine Numbers (Phantom Audio Mix) CIA
Total Science Tuned-In Ep Latest Request - Digital Freeze - Total Science CIA
Trace and Nico Amtrak No U-Turn
Twisted Individual Wales (Remix) Formation
Two Sinners Second Thoughts (Marcus Intalex and St Files Mix) Mechanoise
Undercover Agent Cyndicut EP Five Tones (Brockie Remix) Juice Records
Vortex Granite Classical 2 Hard Beats Inc
? Ba-Lop Roll A-Ko
? ? Vinyl Syndicate
? ? Urban Culture
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