DJ's/MC's Required For Urban FM NET Radio

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    Nov 5, 2003
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    Hi ppl,

    i have an offer to make to all of you.
    i own Urban FM and am looking for new team members to join and help make the station one of a kind.
    the consept of the the whole site is it is run by members of the puplic there fore playing the music you want to hear!

    I am also looking to host a show with completely new talent and music produced by you guy's.

    the offer is that anybody who becomes part of the urban fm team and is a member of the application prosses will be shortened as you will only have to send me a demo/mix cd!

    if you are interested please reply here or apply online via the application form on the website (for the dj's/mc's only. track submitions to be emailed to



    Current positions availibe:


    Advertising & Promotion agents

    Voice Over Production (for jingles + adverts)

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