Dj's Day jobs.........

DJ Wizz

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to take a seriay turn to this funny and "waffle" infused thread. any1 here hu is a part time or even professional DJ or MC please post ur day jobs.

This is like superheroes and their alter ego's. Peter Parker by day but Spidey by night. It must get well annoying always wearing ur superhero outfit under ur work clothes. I wonder if any of have forgotten to put it on one morning and have leapt out of the office window bare arse, but with the mask on.

I work as an administrator in sum bullshit office on Euston Road. Its boring as fuck but it keeps me from going without my black crack fix, and its only until i go uni nxt year. Besides by night i am Wizz the crimefighting junglist hu defeats annoying threaders with my jump up!


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I work in a Deli, badman.

Moving to 'dam in like 2 months though, so coffeeshop job here i come.