DJon + Skyver [worldwide/technique] @ bass station

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Oct 27, 2003
adelaide, australia
DJon + Skyver [worldwide/technique]

These two adelaide producers have joined forces and now there is no stopping them!! Both have featured predominantly on local adelaidednb labels, Big Dog and 5158 compilations and have forthcoming releases on Simon 'Bassline' Smith's labels. Their first international vinyl release is due out this February so come and see what the fuss is all about as DJon and Skyver play a selection of their own tracks, cheeky bootlegs and upfront unreleased material.
V Matt said:
Have you got a tracklisting?

Only heard a couple of their tunes but I've been well impressed with them

no tracklisting yet, most of the tunes are their own, this mix includes two of the furture releases on technique recordings.
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