DJ Yoda's Magic Cinema Show


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This Saturday at The Junction 2 in Cambridge. Doors open 9pm.

The incomparable DJ Yoda AKA Duncan Beiny is set to unleash a brand new audio-visual extravaganza on an unsuspecting world, as he announces a countrywide tour, beginning at Oxford Academy on the 29th of April and ending up at Liverpool’s Barfly exactly one month later.

Already established as one of the most exciting artists spearheading the audio-visual DJing revolution that is transforming clubbing as we know it, DJ Yoda has put together a completely fresh set of filmic treats based around his infamous hip-hop grooves that can spin off in any direction, taking in styles as diverse as Brazilian beats, Baltimore Club music and beyond.

Anything and everything can work its way into a mix infused with his trademark movie themes that include the likes of ‘High School Musical’s pop culture (he rocks it!), the cult cool of ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’, the classic brilliance of ‘Taxi Driver’ and, of course Star Wars. Cutting and scratching his way through a stunning array of visual manna the Magic Cinema Show raises the bar for both club DJs and AV enthusiasts, taking the crowd into brand new entertainment territory.

Armed with the Pioneer SVM-1000 - a piece of cutting edge DVD mixing technology that he has been key in developing and that is currently only available to a handful of DJs worldwide - DJ Yoda will be showcasing a host of state-of-the-art manoeuvres never before witnessed in the UK. Having created an incredible 90 minute show versatile enough to work equally well as a dance floor smasher or an eye-popping, popcorn-munching spectacle, the jaw-dropping brilliance of the visual manipulations coupled with his incredible DJ skills makes DJ Yoda’s Magic Cinema Show an unmissable landmark in the art of AV.

DJ Margaret Scratcher will be performing his audio Kung Fu tribute to ‘The Drunken Masters’ in the foyer before the show.

Special Offer: You can get a ticket for Hacienda and DJ Yoda Cinematic Show for £15 (Thats only £7.50 per event!) or solo ticket £10 adv. To book this please ring 01223 511511.