Dj Wan B2B Dj Meff


Its Not Relevant is it
Me and My m8 B2B for an hour!! Hope you enjoy.

Track listing

1.High Roller - Untouched
>>>> Ram Trilogy - Screamer Vip
2.Dj Pleasure - The Dagger
3.Friction and Nu Balance - Robocop (Taxman Remix)
4.Darkotic and Interface - Typhoon
5.Culture Shock - Vice Chase
6.Dj Hazard - Killers Dont Die
7.Drumsound and Bassline Smith - Can you feel it
8.Xample - Lowdown
9.Vital Elements - Big White Lies
10.Cubist - Memory Lapse
11.Zen - Hovercraft
12.Dj Pleasure - Flesh Eaters
13.Heist - Dusty Bin
14.Original Sin - Love games
15.Dj Die - Slow Burn
16.Serum - Concrete Donkey
17.Brookes Brothers - Tear U Down
18.Social Security - Captains Log
19.Sub Focus - Join the Dots
>>>>> Dillinja - Make it work
20.Zodiac - Red Alert
21.Serum - Urban Gorilla
22.Crystal Clear and Cabbie - Street hawk
23.Ebony Dubs - Ra (G-Dub Remix)
24.Heist - Sleep in ya eyes
25.Commix - Satelite Type 2
26.D minds and Hazard - Ho Bass
27.Collie Budz - Come Around (Sigma Remix)
28.The Force - Kill ur killa