DJ Simm - Rupture (Dec 2015)

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    I put together a mix of all the rupture releases. Not a lot more to be said really.

    If you like rupture I'm sure you'll enjoy this!

    1.Cold Room by Double O
    2.Robber by Digital
    3.Every Moment is Precious by Theory
    4.Broken In Pieces by Deeperheightz
    5.Vibration Centre by Rumbleton
    6.Longers (Pessimist Remix) by Antidote
    7.Longers by Antidote
    8.Viper by Acid Lab
    9.Wisen Up by Double O
    10.Straight 98 by Double O
    11.Sweat Rice by Threshold & Octave Shift
    12.Blackula by Double O
    13.Soul Warrior by Double O
    14.Breadline by Theory
    15.Infinite Range Of Awareness by Rumbleton
    16.Rebel Alliance by Theory
    17.Sufferation by Double O
    18.Bitter Wind by Digital
    19.Hi Grade by Theory ft Chieftan Joseph
    20.End Of Time by Double O
    21.Gumshoe by Overlook