Drum & Bass DJ Simm - 2016.06


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1. The River Runs Dry feat. LSB & Rocky Nti (Tokyo Prose Remix) By BCee
2. Touch (Tokyo Prose Remix) [feat. Tiffani Juno] By Hybrid Minds
3. Had I Known By Alix Perez
4. Can't You See By Alix Perez
5. Drawing You By Phil Tangent
6. Mixed Bag By Marcus Intalex ft. DRS
7. Staggered Dub (Sam Binga Remix) By Breakage
8. Stnkr By Alix Perez
9. No Playing By Arkaik
10. Déjà vu By Chroma
11. Elephant Dreams By Alix Perez ft Skeptical
12. Be Around By The Invaderz
13. Twilight By Obeisant
14. Sustain By Friske
15. I'm Gone (feat Naomi Pryor - 3AM Intro mix) By SCAR
16. Champion Sound (DLR 2016 Remix) By Q Project
17. 2nd Floor (feat DRS & Kemo) By Lynx
18. X Gene (feat. Loxy) By The Untouchables
19. Rolla By TMSV
20. The Feels By Villem, McLeod & Hydro
21. Tendrils By Clarity
22. Shapes By Arkaik & Signal
23. Room 667 By Alix Perez ft Skeptical
24. Stingray By Marcus Intalex ft. Lynx
25. Morning Sex (2016 Remix) By Zero T & MC Conrad
26. Respect Due By Total Science
27. Closer To The Fire (Alix Perez remix) By Kolectiv
28. Ingrid Is A Hybrid (John B Remix) By Dusky
29. Unification By Break
30. Mind & Spirit (feat. Rider Shafique) (Breakage Remix) By Sam Binga
31. False Alarm By Total Science, Quadrant & Iris
32. Step Forward By Marcus Intalex
33. Scars By The Untouchables
34. Sweet Magnolia By Seba & Jenna G
35. Game Of Love By Nymfo
36. Through By FD
37. Knuckle Head By Lynx
38. Kloaking Device (Fracture Remix) By DJ Krust
39. Over Out By TMSV
40. Chu Kou By Arkaik
41. Steve By Arkaik
42. A Dusky Groove By Mako
43. Jupiter By Marcus Intalex


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had a listen today at work whilst shredding 25 bags worth of crap, some really nice tunes (wide range as well) all mixed well - good stuff


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haha i'm sure there were some big mixes in there, I just have a poor memory! Also didn't realise the feels was out, will need to bag!
Haha. I meant in general terms. He mix itself. I like to think most of my mixes do the necessary but don't dip too far or peak at the other end! :)