Dj sheik mon D+B mix inside. D+B website

Hello all. I've finished my finals and things look great, with that said I’m pleased like to announce a new website for a few electronic music artists, often experimental fusion and often strange.

I am affiliated with this group and have been given a very nice website, although its not finished yet. click on Dj sheik Mon

Up right now is my 2003 mix from a few months ago in Mp3 form. It is professionally recorded and I’m very proud of it and would love some feedback. This set has also recently been played on the phuture frequency radio show (big up the Khan!)

labels include breakbeat science and 720 to name a few, and some artist include artists like seba, and calibre.

The journey starts off more atmospheric and ends on a harder note, yet still melodic. This is about 35 minutes. I have a full-length cd out in very soon.

-stay healthy this holiday, and peace
-Dj sheik Mon