DJ RUFIO - Metal influenced mix


Hey guys here's a set I did over a year ago when I lived in dubai and times were getting me down, making this mix gave me a good distraction from my reality.

Set list is as follows,

The Qemists - Stompbox

Noisia - Sacrifice

Dj Fresh - inhale

The Qemists - true skool

DirtyPhonics - French fuck

Chase and Status - Smash TV

Concord Dawn take it as it comes

Tantrum desire - them against us

Concord dawn - Slayer - raining blood remix

The Qemists - stombox- spor remix

Noisia - Lead us

Noisia - Exodus -

Noisia - Painkiller

Mal Practice Don't hold me down

Tantrum deisrire - White light >> timewarp

Night breed - Pack of wolves

ak1200 - bottom feeder

Skyver and D Jon - Broken and twisted

Dj Fresh - Submarines - Domestic cold war