Dj Rap - Spiritual Aura (Basher Remix) Out March 25th 2014


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Clip of my forthcoming Remix of of the 90s classic "Spiritual Aura" by the legendary Dj Rap!

Offical Press Release

DJ Rap
Spiritual Aura Remix Ep

Release Date March 25th 2014

The word “Classic” can be thrown around all so easily these days but there are really only certain tracks worthy of such a prestigious title, seminal works that highlight a milestone within the particular genre they represent and tracks that are instantly recognizable throughout a whole scenes following, tunes that represent a time and space and a point in the music’s history.

One such tune is DJ Rap’s “Spiritual Aura”, a tune synonymous with Jungle music’s golden era and a track that truly encapsulates all of the elements that propelled the music to where it is today, a tune that incorporates all of the integral qualities that define the music past and present and a tune as welcome on any dancefloor today as it was 20 years ago.

To celebrate the tunes epic success, to cement its place in history and to coincide with DJ Rap’s well overdue return to the UK and Europe we are immensely proud to issue a brand new, bang up to the minute E.P of “Spiritual Aura” remixes from a great combination of talent that includes some of the hottest producers of the genre right now alongside some stunning emerging talent.

We could go on about how great the release is, but do we really need to? The proof is very much in the listening and we are quite sure that with a total of six stand out remixes to choose from that you’ll agree that this is a release definitely not to be missed.

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Miles better than I was expecting, not mad about that little growl that pops out every so often, but it's a really good effort IMO. Definitely respectful, keeps things on the right tip. Big up to Basher, would have been very easy to ruin this.