DJ Octane & MC Nuclear 30minute Session



Easy all, here's a little mix up I did with MC Nuclear... actually did it for the valve competition & it got us through to the final @ Herbal, but its here for anyone that fancies it. Feel free to leave any comments :)

Rollin beats leadin into some jump up bangers, with some deep lyrics from the MC Nuclear!!

30mins 320kbps .mp3

Lomax - Artisan VIP
Spectrasoul - Organiser
Icicle - Franky Mountain
L-Plus - Middle Eastern Sun
>>>Lynx - Disco Dodo
DJ Die - Clear skyz (Break Remix)
Calibre - Two Drop
Commix - Satelite Type 2
Brookes Brothers - Crackdown
Shimon - The Shadow Knows
>>>DJ Die - Comin from the Top
DJ Zero - Lets play
DJ Sly - Twilight Zone
Soulpride - Grimble Man
Tantrum Desire - Extinction
Zero G - Unbeatable Ninja
Modified Motion - That isnt Enough
P.A - Murky Waters
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More than 50 downloads but not alot of feedback! Any comments or constructive critisism would be much appreciated!
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