DJ Nitrous - InDaJungle Recording March 2010 - Promo Mix


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DJ Nitrous - InDaJungle Recording March 2010 - Promo Mix


1 - Plakka - No Measure (iDJR)

2- Mineral - One Still Remains (iDJR)

3- Qumulus Feat. Jett - Sanctified (iDJR)

4- B4ssTee - Hard Times (iDJR)

5- Override - Down (iDJR)

6- Y2D - Wardrum (iDJR)

7- Keygenlog - Apologia Pro Galileo (iDJR)

8- Sephiroth - Breach (iDJR)

9- Chaotic Pulse - Dusk of Mankind (iDJR)

10- Nick and Erina Z - Kakurenbo (Binary Havoc Remix) (iDJR)

11- Battledrone - To All Hataz (iDJR)

12- Keygenlog - Kickassbangfucker (iDJR)

13- Nosrac - The Imperial Sand Hog (iDJR)

14- Dub Phizix Feat. Fox - OK (iDJR)

15- Cellarmen - Jungle Bird (iDJR)

16- Badweed - Go Down (iDJR)

17- Ganja Farma - Homegrowerz (iDJR)

18- Nitrous - Skanka (iDJR)

19- Demie - Can't Say No (iDJR)



Guillaume Provencher a.k.a. Nitrous has been introduced to Drum & Bass in the late 90` with the first records of the Ninja Tune Camp. Having taken his roots in the Hip-Hop scene, he immediately got hooked with those breaks. Spinning since 5 years now, The Nitrous has taken the Mtl Drum & Bass scene by Storm. He plays a large range of Drum & Bass going from the mellow and chilly, passing through the jazzy . Liquid and going to the Darker side of it, touching the Jungle/Dubwise too. He`s a very polyvalent Drum & Bass Dj.

He founded his own Production Company called Kracked Knuckles. His first event, Summer Breeze, has been acclaimed as one of the best underground Drum & Bass party of the summer of 2000 in Montreal.

Nitrous played alongside many well know Dj`s in the likes of Concord Dawn (NZ), Kemal (UK), Klute (UK), John B (UK), Panacea (Germany), Digital (UK), Juju (USA), Freaky Flow (Toronto) and Capital J (Toronto). Having played in numerous parties and club events, he has now a solid experience on how to please the crowd. He`s now making thing movin` with the now well established monthly parties In Da Jungle bringin` only the finest dj`s since more than 5 years now.


l.o.g on Soundcloud
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