DJ Nicky Dubbz 45 minute session...

DJ Nicky Dubbz

Sep 15, 2008
Just got round to writing the track listing for those that want it here it is>>>> & status "streetlife" ram records

2.basher & stu c4c "static chicken" sudden def

3.modified motion "that isnt enuff" dynamic audio & status "music club" ram records

5.clipz "loud and dirty" audio zoo

6.prolix "twisted angel" ganja-tek & status "is it really worth it" ram records

8.clipz "push it up" audio zoo

9.dope ammo "rumble" dope ammo records

10.cabbie "technical problems" big in the dance

11.modified motion "searchin" dynamic audio

12.dp & prominade "forget" g-recordings tolerance "essential inch" integral

14.contour "angels in shadows" intrinsinc & status "smash tv" ram records

16.bad company "the nine" bad company records
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