Dj Monty P, New jump up set December 09 !!!

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    This is a mix did a while ago and never got around to uploading, i'm pretty happy with it.
    Give it a listen and let me know what you think!
    Enjoy :rinsed:

    Pimp dont limp, Original sin
    Heavyweight, Fresh
    Screw up, (upbeats remix)
    Vampires VIP, Unknown
    Seen, Original sin/Taxman
    Teleportation, Dirtyphonics
    Days of rage, Artificial intelligence
    Maniac cop, Distorted minds
    Feel about you, J magic n wickaman (O.S remix)
    Driller killer, Jaydan
    Therapy, Original sin
    Artisan VIP, Lomax
    Anthem 09, Metrik
    3rd degree gurns, Friction
    Glow, Dirtyphonics
    Get down, Zero G
    Hurt you, Chase and status
    Wheel of fortune, Plus 8
    Welcome to the jungle, Drumsound
    Fleshwound, (G dub remix)
    Disco dodo, Lynx
    Marshall law, Vital elements
    If we ever, High contrast
    Attention, Micky finn/erb n dub
    Cape fear, Drumsound
    Accidental hero, Original sin
    Attack, Interface
    R bass, Original sin