DJ Man:Jam, Full Spectrum of D&B mix, Download inside.


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Mar 23, 2008
This the 1st mix i've posted on the forum, basically a mix showing the full specturm of DnB, download it and feedback will be appreciated. Cheers.

Track Listing:

Havoc - Chase and Status
Signal - Fresh
Get Down - Zero G
Iced - Taxman & Heist
Come Around - Sigma
Clear Skyz - Die (Break RMX)
The Druids - Chase & Status
>> Hand Grenade - Twisted Individual (Clipz RMX)
Submerged - Break (Teebee & Calyx RMX)
The Bypass - Culture Shock
Hooligan - Break
Aztec - Spor
If We Ever - High Contrast
Paint It Black - Sigma
F Zero - Brookes Brothers
Silver Spaceman - Spor
Is This What You Want? - Break
Mercia - Lomax
The Quest - Teebee & Calyx (Break RMX)
Sattelite Type 2 - Commix
Pieces - Chase & Status Ft. Plan B
Artisan VIP - Lomax
Fire - Demolition Men (Kenny Kenn RMX)
>>In Limbo - Fierce
Music Box - Ronnie Size & Die (Sigma RMX)
All About - Break
Signs - Badmarsh & Shiri (Calibre RMX)
Alibi - Spectrasoul (Break RMX)
Toytown - Logistics
Something Special - Sigma
Dawn Treader - Brookes Brothers
Days of Rage - A.I.
Be True - Commix
Swampthing - Subfocus
97 Style - Original Sin & Taxman
Sound in Motion - Neuro
3rd Degree Gurns - DJ Friction
Seen - Original Sin & Taxman
It's Jazzy - Ronnie Size (NuTone RMX)
Organiser - Spectrasoul

Overfiend - Original Sin
>>Turbulance - Moving Fusion
>>Artisan VIP - Lomax

Download Link:
yes adam that is a fat mix dont worry give it time that tl will attract most people from this forum

not bad, good tune selction
mixes need to b a lil tighter
n sounds like u hav the same problem as me, touchin the vinyl to speed or slowly down in parts

Cheers, ye i know its pretty annoying I just cant pitch ride, although i've tried many times. Usually im not to bad with toughing the vinyl but had a bad spell during the mix. Cheers for the feedback
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