DJ LoGo - Amen Smashers [Amen Break Style Jungle, 1994-2011]


Jungle has always been a genre one foot in the past and one foot in the future. Heavy on the dreamy atmospheric pads, growling reese basslines and obligatory rasta samples, Jungle music still retains a live, organic feeling that other genres of EDM lack by using (mainly) classic rock and roll drums as the basis for it's drum programming. Primarily through breakbeat hardcore, jungle, and hip-hop, the sound of re-sampled classic rock n' roll breaks (the amen break in particular) has worked it's way into the collective unconscious of two generations of ravers and beat-makers. This mix is a homage to that sound. Half of the mix has been composed from tracks from the early to mid 1990's. The other half of the mix features only tunes that have come out this month (Dec. 2011). This has been done to illustrate the immortality of the Amen break's sound. Producers still make extensive use of the Amen break because it sounds no less crisp and powerful today than it did when it was first recorded, in 1969.
Enjoy the mix, downloads are enabled as always! Actually. I encourage people to download beacuse although the file I've uploaded (and what you will download) is a 320 kbps MP3, soundcloud will only stream @ 128 kbps

For interest, you can find the original Amen break here,

And if anyone cares to delve more deeply into the story behind the cover art, you can do that here! Break and GR.html

1. Angels Fell – Dillinja
2. Babylon – Splash
3. Mindgames – System Ex
4. Sound Control – AWOL VIP – Randall & Andy C
5. Frequency – Tango Remix – Fallen Angels
6. The Pied Piper – AWOL VIP – Kenny Ken
7. Everyman – DRS & Kenny Ken
8. AWOL VIP – Mickey Finn & Aphrodite
9. The Dreamer – Aphrodite
10. Da Bass 2 Dark – Mickey Finn Special Mix – L Double
11. Fire – AWOL VIP – Prizna
12. Life as Emotion – 2D33P
13. The Dreamer – 2D33P
14. Enter ’94 – Nebula
15. Unclean – Ricky Force
16. Out of This World – Infest
17. Too Much – X Nation
18. Rupture – Phuture T
19. The Possibility of Succumbing to Violent Whim - Relapse
20. A Glimpse at the Dawn of Time – Parallel
21. Ready to Roll – Verb
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