DJ Linz Podacst

The SPECTRUM dynamic
mixed on 2 tech 1200's and a Rane TTM57SL
by DJ Linz (NYC)

This mix is intended to go from one end of the spectrum to the other. Like a dynamic character in a book starting off funky & fresh then raging out of control like a mad man. Expect some funky breakbeats, chunky house, melodic jungle, driving dnb, pumpin’ jump up, and hype ass dubstep! Only 51 minutes for your short attention span.

Honey (Seiji mix)- Erica Badu
Ripe Banana- Bok Bok
Run- L-Vis 1990
Belly Dance (Mowgli Rmx)- Round Table Knights
Bittersweet (feat. Riya)- Lenzman
Point Taken- Kjell
Rags to Riches- Lenzman
The execution (serum remix)- Spinback & Gwange
I don’t smoke- Deekline & Ed Solo vs. System
Could this be real (dnb mix)- Sub Focus
Funkeymunkey- BTK and Jumpat
Airtime- Basher
Resurrection- Proktah & Sleeper Cell
Rompa Stompa- Chew Lay
Monsta- Dr. Dub
We rock the Forest- Trolley Snatcha
Speaka Freaka- Pixel Fist

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It’s a Jazz Thing- Roni Size
Basic Principles(Dillinja Step 1)- Alex Reece
Is it Love?- Hidden Agenda
The Rain- Photek
Ubombo(Smith & Mighty remix)
Gotta Make It- Maximus Style & JB Rose
The Flute Tune- Hidden Agenda
Ja Know Big- Dillinja
Steppin’ Hard- Asylum
Last Samurai- Kryptic Minds and Leon Switch
VIP Riders Ghost (The Origin)- Rufige Kru
Shaku- Lynx & Maple
It’s OK- The Kox T
hat Girl- Atlantic Connection
Kat Magnit- reg Packer & Muller
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This is a DNB mix I did for conference this year... It starts out driving and dark then gets hype.... then finishes out with a more earthy & deep vibe.

Obsessive compulsive- Nusense

Attitude Era- NC 17

In & Out- Northern Lights

Gonzo- APex

Bounce- Camo & Krooked A

quarius- Raiden

Legacy- SPY

Many times- Alpine Dub

Soundboy- Audio Unit

Destructive- Dub Foundation

For the headz- Soul Intent

Black Out- Le Lutin

Bonsai Run- Subterra

Reefer- Mindsacpe

% Dekko

Loneliness- SPY

Fiendish- C Kret
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Made of Air- Bli Mar Ten | O.D.- Sci-Clone | Winslice- Chris J & Cable | Try Again- Chris SU | Inner Traffic- Beat Goes On | Ghost Story- Nymfo | Metropolis- Adam F | Blaze Up- Lion Fiya | On the Anson- Sonic & Silver | Bash Dem Up- Jamalski | Last Samurai- Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch | Channel- Hidden Agenda | Phreak- Jonny L | Toothbrush RMX- DJ Zinc | Long Long Time- Marcus Visionary ft. Johnny | Bizness- DJ Samurai |