DJ Hype - Drum & Bass Selection 1 & 2

I and I know that all of the yout shall witness the day that Babylon shall fall!


Peace and respect for the Hype Drum and Bass Selection uploads. I remember these tapes being in constant rotation back in the day (I've only got no.4 on tape now). They are the most hardcore junglist thing I know of.

Hey stussy daz, did you get the hype pirate radio stuff from'89 that was on here not long ago?
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A1 DJ Taktix The Way (V.I.P Mix)
A2 DJ Crystl Warpdrive
A3 M-Beat Rumble
A4 Acro Superpod
A5 D'Cruze Watch Out
A6 Gappa G & Hyper Hypa Information Centre (DJ Ron Remix)
Remix - DJ Ron
A7 Jo R-Type
A8 M-Beat Shuffle
B1 Engineers Without Fears Spiritual Aura
B2 Desired State Beyond Bass
B3 DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith Lovable
Featuring - Erin
B4 Roni Size & DJ Die Music Box
B5 Uncle 22 6 Million Ways To Die (DJ Hype Remix)
Remix - DJ Hype
B6 Boogie Times Tribe The Dark Stranger (Q-Bass Remix)
Remix - QBass
B7 QBass Gun Connection
B8 Subnation Scottie


A1 Fallen Angel* Hello Lover (Back 2 Basics V.I.P. Mix)
Remix - Back 2 Basics
A2 Renegade Terrorist
A3 A-Zone Calling All The People
A4 Brainkillers Screw Face
A5 DJ Hype Roll The Beats
Featuring - Mc GQ
A6 Droppin' Science Droppin Science Vol 1
A7 DJ Ron Mo Musik
A8 Roni Size Its A Jazz Thing
A9 Sacred Kall Da Kops (Remix)
A10 Lick Back Organisation Maniac Music (Lick Back V.I.P. Mix)
B1 Dopestyle You Must Think First
B2 Shimon Predator
B3 Tom And Jerry Maximum Style
B4 Johnny Jungle Johnny '94 (Origin Unknown Remix)
Remix - Origin Unknown
B5 DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith Time To Move
B6 Leviticus The Burial
B7 JB Stand Easy (Back 2 Basics V.I.P. Mix)
B8 DMS & The Boneman X Sweet Vibrations
B9 Run Tings Ruff Revival
B10 Asend & Ultravibe What Kind Of World
Where can i get my hands on numbers 3 & 4?! Just listened to both 1 & 2... fucking banging stuff, has to be PUMPED!
Big up for these mate...had them both BITD and they used to get rinsed.

Without being cheeky, can anyone upload them as mp3 files as I ain't got the skills/software to convert from RAR!

Edit...scrap that mate has just told me how to do it. Thanks again for the u/l.
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Big thx for the post. Does anyone have Hype's World Dance: Drum n Bass Experience? disc 1 is giving me that digital random remix
i have the world dance cd....dont think i'm allowed to upload it here thou....

will upload a mixed up joint from 94 2morrow ......................
Well the Drum & Bass Selections were retail and they're still here, i would think it's pretty safe uploading the WD set. it is quite old now.
i wasnt sure if it could up'd here. have tried to order the disc from a few places but couldn't find it. found a couple online sources but im not really excited about spending 68$ on a cd i already own. i appreciate the replies and the Hype. thx
Stussy Daz you are the fucking man. I had these on vinyl back in the day but they kinda got lost over the years along with some other nice bits and pieces. I have a couple of Jungle Massive and Jungle mania joints if anyone is interested.
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