DJ Fusion - One SIze Recordings Podcast #1

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    First podcast of label "One Size Recordings" (Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation)

    Mixed by DJ Fusion (Ipswich Community Radio (East, United Kingdom)) -

    Label Page:


    Lynx & Kemo - Global Enemies [Mortem remix] (CD-R)

    BCee - Heartache feat. Ad-Apt (Forthcoming Spearhead)

    Aske Psy - Runner (CD-R)

    Widestream - The Beginnings (Forthcoming One Size Recordings)

    Intelligent Manners - You Love Me [Soulmatic remix] (Spin Recordings)

    Stunna & Tyler Straub - So Weak (CD-R)

    Sequent Industry - You re In Love [Mage remix] (Respect Records Dub)

    Amaning & Stunna - Generation Gap (CD-R)

    BCee - Glitter Balls [Redeyes & Lenzman remix] (Future Retro)

    Mortem - Whispers (CD-R)

    Empire - Her (CD-R)

    Blu Mar Ten - If I Could Tell You (Blu Mar Ten Digital)

    Instra:mental - Photograph (Sepia Tones EP Darkestral)

    The Black Ghosts - It's Your Touch [Calculon & Austin Speed remix] (Beard 002)

    Circa - Future Funk (CD-R)

    Invisible Landscape - Do It Again (CD-R)

    Dirrrty B - Friday Night Fever (Beatitude LP Human Soul Recordings)

    BCee & Lomax - One Year On VIP feat. Deeizm (Original on The Master Plan - Innerground)

    Syncopix - Stay In Touch (Spearhead Test Press)

    BCee - Mr Bidigan feat. Jo-S (Forthcoming Spearhead)

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