Dj-Dusty Summer jump up mix 2008


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Mar 13, 2008

New mix for ll the jump up headz, 1 hour of pure jump up, hope you enjoy.

1).Roots n future - Serial killers V.I.P
2).Subfocus - Swampthing
3).The force - Welcome to earth
4).Hazard - Mr happy
5).Eddie k - Stinkbox
6).Ebony dubsters - Ra (G-dub remix)
7).Dj-pleasure - Bounty hunter
8).Taxman - The circle
9).Hazard - Killers dont die
10).Heist - Dont understand (Taxman remix)
11).Subfocus - Timewarp
12).Mutated forms - Jah colours (Zen remix)
13).Original sin - Feels good
14).Soundclash & Zero g - Sound killer
15).TC - Drink (Xample remix)
16).Chase n status - Take me away
17).Blame - Stay forever
18).Zen - Hovercraft
19).Die - Slowburn
20).Taxman - Original ninja
21).Cabbie - Blastoff
22).TC - Old texaco garage V.I.P
23).Zen - Double bobble
24).Double zero - Skank nasty
25).Drumsound & Simon bassline smith - Welcome to the jungle
26).The force - Gadget girl


Super Sir Loin
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Feb 21, 2008
nice. on the download now!

... can't download as it says
"File 'Dj-...08mix.mp3' does not exist."

do u need to re post the link maybe?
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Mar 13, 2008
killers do't die was such a nasty tune the first 1,000,000 time i heard it but I think if I here it in another mix i'm going to puke haha.
lol its still a heavy tune mate, still getting rinsed and i prob will rinse it for a while yet. BIG tune.
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