DJ Darrel - Tech Cycle Podcast VOL.2 - 2011/15/06

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    DJ Darrel - Tech Cycle Podcast VOL.2 - 2011/15/06

    1.OTM "Monster" [Tech Cycle dub]
    2.Submerged "Transport" [Ohm Resistance]
    3.Eiton "Thorax" [T3K dub]
    4.Absurd & C.A.2K "Psychosis" [Tech Cycle forthcoming]
    5.Absurd & C.A.2K "Room number one" [Assimilate dub]
    6.DJ Darrel feat. Absurd "Machine soul" (Air J remix) [Tech Cycle dub]
    7.Counterstrike & Nphonix "Maverick" [Freak dub]
    8.Absurd "Hammer factory" [Tech Cycle dub]
    9.Katharsys "Call of the wild" [Maniphest dub]
    10.Katharsys "Mostly VIP" [Obscene dub]
    11.Xpander "Heavy gear" [Section 8]
    12.DJ G-I-S & The Prana feat. Angel Eyes "Running Out Of Time" (Current Value Remix) [Intransigent forthcoming]
    13.Avis "Brick City Mashin" [Tech Cycle dub]
    14.Seid "Drone" [Tech Cycle forthcoming]
    15.Seid "From hell" [Tech Cycle forthcoming]
    16.Avis "Inac" [Tech Cycle forthcoming]
    17.Seid "Tourian" [Tech Cycle forthcoming]
    18.Mark Tailor & The Prana "Epilogue" [Tech Cycle dub]
    19.Mark Tailor "Drakon" [Audio Boutique]
    20.Smyla "Threshold" [Freak]
    21.Smyla feat. Hostile "Contraseptic insanity" [Tech Cycle dub]
    22.Mason feat. Armanni "Ruff Rugged & Raw" (Mark Tailor remix) [Gasm dub]
    23.Xpander "Power VIP" [Tech Cycle]
    24.Thought & D-Struct & Kantyze "Midnight dogs" [Vampire dub]
    25.Visor "Basement" [Tech Cycle dub]
    26.Mark Tailor "Subject" [Audio Boutique]
    27.Thought "Holism" [Soothsayer]
    28.Visor "The giant bunny rabbit" [Tech Cycle dub]
    29.Seid "Drone" (long reprise/ending) [Tech Cycle forthcoming]