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    Drum&Bass DJ Competition 2005

    With well over 500 entries this has to be one of the biggest drum&bass dj competitions in the World. There have been some excellent mixes and they have now been whittled down to the last 30. These can be downloaded from the forum and you can vote provided you are a member of the

    All mixes are available to download in good quality MP3 128Kbps or better. Feel free to make constructive comments. You must be a registered member of the forum to listen to mixes and vote. Simply visit and register your details or sign in if you are already a registered member.

    DJ competition voting & listening post can be found here-

    The DJ competition will run from
    Monday 4th July 2005 – 31st August 2005 6 p.m.

    This will be a very competitive DJ competition and I expect as many comments and votes. Many thanks to Digital Designs ( for hosting the mixes.

    Finalist 30 DJ list for competition 2005

    1) 4real
    2) B52
    3) Calculon
    4) Chug
    5) Disciple13
    6) Doctor
    7) Fusion
    8) Geetox
    9) Guvna
    10) Insight
    11) Iron Nox
    12) Jeryl
    13) Jody G
    14) Justice
    15) Konnekt
    16) Overlay
    17) Plankton
    18) Poison
    19) R-db
    20) Rolla
    21) Scarface
    22) Sharpa
    23) Sheik Mon
    24) Shinny
    25) Smokey
    26) Soular
    27) Switch
    28) Tonic
    29) UKW
    30) Valuetime