DJ CeeLo brand new Mix .Looking for feedback

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    Nov 4, 2009
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    High Contrast - 3AM
    Social Security - Would you be there
    Danny C - unknown
    Eddy Woo - i want it
    High Contrast - Make it tonight
    Danny C - unkown
    High Contrast - What we do
    Mutt - Conversations
    High Contrast - Days go by
    Lenzman - Sugarhill
    Social Security - Never never land
    Lenzman - Memory loss
    Blueskin ft Clevland watkiss singing fats - Hold the moment
    Mutated Forms - Conformist
    Jakes - Swerve
    TC - you cant shut me down
    Jakes - Haters
    Distorted Minds and TC - Compton
    Subfocus TC - This time is flying
    Distorted minds - Oh jah
    Social Security - Takeway
    Brookes Brothers - Tear you down
    Testimony ft Riya
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    Now this looks alright and i was gonna download and give you my verdict.But after you threw your toys out of your pram and sent me your laughable private message for what i don't know i aint gonna bother!
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