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Known as an essential character of the Brazilian electronic scene, DJ Andy started in the early nineties as resident of the legendary Overnight Club, a temple where he played for more than ten years, influencing a whole new generation of electronic music supporters.

Since the dawn of the Drum & Bass scene of his country, DJ Andy has been collaborating for its consolidation, playing in the best parties, clubs and festivals.

Anderson Cepeda (known as DJ Andy) was elected the best Brazilian Drum & Bass DJ by Beatz Magazine (2004), by DJ Sound Awards (2005) and by the specialized website (2004-2005); in general, he is considered an essential icon of the Brazilian electronic scene since the beginning of the last decade, most precisely in 1992, times when the hardcore and the Techno-rave dominated the charts of the underground venues.

Once resident of the legendary club Overnight located on the east side of São Paulo, he became quickly an essential element on the development of the scene of his metropolis, influencing many generations with his high talent and quality repertories, which placed him among the best DJs of his country.

Since the middle of the nineties, DJ Andy has been upholding the Jungle – Drum & Bass scene with a terrific DJ technique and incredible performances all over the place. The large musical background he acquired all these years enabled him to play amazing Drum & Bass sets and also Old School ones, from House to Techno and Breaks. His agenda includes the best clubs, parties and festivals of Brazil, just like his historical gigs at Skol Beats and Brasilia Music Festival.
As a producer, DJ Andy released some of the latest Drum & Bass hits such as “Boh!” (Chronic Records / V Recordings), “Copacabana” (Phuturistic Bluez), “Get Make Me Higher” (with Drumagick on Phuturistic Bluez), "Shared Tears" (with Mikrob Feat Fusion Kru on Nemeisis Records), “Rock Me Baby” (with Danny L also on Nemesis Records), “Funk Dog” (Emotif Recordings /DZR), “Mainline” (with Mikrob on Emotif Recordings/DZR), and “Groove on” (also with Mikrob, on Grid).

In the last year, DJ Andy was responsible for creating the most acclaimed Drum & Bass night of his country: Sub Grave (in english, Sub-bass). In less than one year of conducting this terrific weekly project, DJ Andy has brought the best DJs of his country as well as some of the international scene, such as Pendulum (Breakbeat Kaos, UK), Aki (Japan), Silver (Metalheadz, UK), Chris Intaface (Swerve, UK) and DJ Ink (Renegade, UK). DJ Andy has been invited to play in several countries throughout the World, such as England, Austria and Argentina.

Alain_Patrick - 21-Jul-05 11:24 AM
I had the chance to meet Andy for the first time some years ago during his residencies in Overnight, a place where we still could hear eclectic line ups and a melting pot of new & old school repertoires. The parties there had a very unique vibe, at least since the XXIst Century since when the venues became so musically specialized and their sounds so repetitive. One of the most special gigs, though, was his first one at the ‘Classic’ party at A Lôca in a Thursday evening of 2001 where the crowd went absolutely mad with DJ Andy’s wicked selection of A Guy Called Gerald, LFO, 808 State, Channel X, Bizarre Inc, Altern 8 between other old school rave anthems.

click here to watch DJ ANDY


The story began at the age of 12 when Kleber Feldmann Mendes, Ban Ban, started djing at his friend’s garage parties. At this time he was addicted to radio shows that played mixes from well-known Brazilian DJs, at that time…“the radio DJs”. House music was getting big, electronic music was still underground. Djing could not be considered a job. No Djs were making any money besides the Radio DJs. They organized events only for the difusion of their beloved music. This new sort of sound, the DJs unit, the underground, all came together and Ban Ban just feel in love with it. That was the begining of all, his most important influences.

In 1995, influenced by DMC stars like Noise, Rock Rader, Tomi and MC Jack, Ban Ban bought a pair of Technics MK2 and a few DMC videotapes and aimed at winning the DMC championship one day. That was the beginning of his professional career as a DJ, playing disco-house at clubs in Curitiba, his hometown.

Brockie – “Represent” - “the track that changed everything!” he says. “I started playing DnB from the day I listened to this track for the first time in 1998”. Since then, Ban Ban joined some friends and started to organise the first DnB parties in Curitiba. This new concept of music refreshed the local nightlife.

The opportunity to introduce his talent to the music scene nationalwide came up when he signed up to compete his first amateur DJ contest. “Unfortunately” he was disqualified by the judges who declared that he was not a amateur, but a professional DJ. He was far ahead of the other competitors in terms of mixing and turntablism technique. Ban Ban was astonished and left the competition motivated to move on and reach higher levels!

The “breakthru” took place in 2000, when once again he signed up to another DJ contest, organised by Hypnotic and supported by the “Godfather of Techno”, Juan Atkins (Model 500 / Metroplex / Detroit). Ban Ban was chosen to participate at that final round with the top 32 DJs selected among nearly 300 competitors. Above all he was there to have fun and was totally surprised to be ranked #1 DnB DJ of the competition. His life completely changed after that day, winning this award resulted with many booking requests including an invitation to spin at Sao Paulo Street Parade, PEACE PARADE 2000, where he played for nearly 100.000 people.

October 2004: BAN BAN is invited to play @ BREAK4BEATS, FLEDA in Czech Republic – the main DnB night in the country which has hosted guests such as Dieselboy, LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Klute, John B., Aphrodite, and several others.

Spring 2005: BAN BAN returns to the “Old Continent” and performs twice with Dom & Roland (Czech Rep. & Austria), also with Subfocus in Austria. This time followed by MC Kraft (UK). He is also invited to host a weekly night @ 7Nebe (Brno, Czech Republic) – “Break It Down”.

Summer 2005: BAN BAN is brought to the Czech Republic again to perform at one of the biggest summer festivals in Central Europe, the Summer of Love with Grooverider and Simon Bassline Smith. His set was so impressive that made “the son of Bambaataa”, Afrika Islam, step up on the stage, grab the microphone and MC.

Winter 2005: BAN BAN performs in Malta, Belgium (Brussels), Hungary (Budapest, Pecs, Sopron), Austria (Neusiedl), Czech Republic (Ostrava), Estonia (Tallinn, Johvi) and Greece (Thessaloniki).

Spring 2006: Manchester (uk), Cornwall (uk), Bristol (uk), Nottingham (uk), Thessaloniki (gr), Australia/New Zeland, and more to be confirmed!

click here to watch BAN BAN @ Citadela, Budapest

conditions: 2 flight tickets from London + reasonable booking fee (negotiable)

available for Europe/Asia from MAY 12th to JULY 1st 2006

12.5 platoon, manchester, uk >>> ban ban
13.5 FREE
19.5 FREE
26.5 cornwall, uk >>> ban ban
26.5 hala karolina, cz >>> dj andy
27.5 FREE
28.5 cornwall, uk >>> ban ban + dj hype + subfocus

01.06 - 12.06 AUSTRALASIA TOUR

16.6 Zluty Pes, Pardubice, cz >>> dj andy + ban ban
17.6 Bratislava, Slovakia >>>dj andy + ban ban

t. +356 79 918 659
f. +44 8709 126 712

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