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Jan 15, 2021
Hi all, thank you for having me and thanks for the welcome :) As I mentioned earlier it's nice to find a drum and bass forum with active and friendly members! So a little about me: I started DJing back in 1992 and was heavily influenced by the sounds in the drum and bass scene as well as happy hardcore and techno. I used to spend most of my free time at club Kinetic in Stoke on Trent or down at The Sanctuary in Milton Keynes. So sad to see those places go! I dipped out of the scene for a while due to the stresses and strains of life which we all have to endure. Recently started banging out a few mixes here and there to help lift the mood during these troubled times and they've been met with favourable remarks. So much so - I have been offered DJ work once the country is on top of the Covid situation. Until then I will continue to post mixes to virtually every social media platform I can find including some decent video footage with each one. If any of you have pictures, video clips or music tracks that you would like included on my future productions - hit me up. I might just make you famous :D lol
hope you enjoy your time here on dnbforum

do you have any hardcore records? sounds like you got to experience peak hardcore years

how do you find posting live mixes on social media? are you experiencing the muting/take downs or have you gotten through unscathed so far?
Thanks Melody. I have some hardcore vinyl in my collection. Got some Impact records, Knite Force, SMDs, United Dance, Moving Shadow etc and a whole bunch of white labels that I managed to buy from Radio One's Live Lounge vault which were played by Fabio and Grooverider. I don't know much about those tracks but there are some nice ones among them. I've got some Jungle Cakes, picture discs, some rare oldskool, donk... it's a bit of a mixed bag to be honest as I let a load go some years back when I dipped out of DJing. Been wondering for a while now if I should just get rid of the lot and go fully digital.

Posting on social media has been educational :) Facebook has partially muted some of the mixes I posted on there directly but got round that by linking Mixcloud mixes to Facebook instead. YouTube partially blocks some of my mixes due to copyright but it's only places like Iraq and Siberia so I can live with that - not even sure they'd like my stuff there :D I spent hours making a video for a happy hardcore mix I did last week and uploaded to youtube - that got fully blocked because I used the remix of Hey Jude in it! So I had to re-do a whole new mix and video. Needless to say I didn't get a lot of sleep that day! haha
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