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    Free MP3's (partnership with Juno downloads)
    Simply send your email to dispatchrecordings@yahoo.co.uk and within the next week or 2 we'll be sending you a personal £5 voucher to use on the Juno download site where you'll be able to download any 320kbps MP3's from the label absolutely free.

    Dispatch 32
    Ant TC1 & Survival "Find / Not Board"
    out now on vinyl (Full artwork release) @
    Also available on general mp3 / wav release across the usual stores; Beatport / Juno / Trackitdown / D & B Arena downloads etc.
    support from the likes of AI, D-Bridge, Chris SU, Total Science, Presha, Subterra etc

    Dispatch Digital 10
    Kharm "Second Thought"
    Just uploaded and currently only available exclusively on the Labelshop @
    This track has received heavy support from D-Bridge & Instra:Mental and has featured on a previous 'Club Autonomic' podcast.

    June Studio mix
    Available to DL @

    Next up... (check www.myspace.com/dispatchmyspace for various audio)
    Dispatch 33
    Ant TC1 & DLR "Space & Time" / Survival "Betrayed"
    Dispatch 34
    Survival "Tec" / Kharm & LM1 "Duplicity"
    Dispatch 35
    Spinline "Nothing More / Irreverse"