Dirty South Soundz Presents: Akov & Volatile Cycle


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Dirty South Soundz Presents: Akov & Volatile Cycle

Dirty South Soundz
Dirty South Soundz (D.S.S.) is a student company formed in February 2016 that focuses on events that cater for a wide range of different underground genres, these include Drum & Bass, Jungle, Techno and Garage. Each member is dedicated to making sure that our events provide attendees with a safe and fun night with good vibes and outstanding entertainment. The company is relatively new on the block but aim to expand after each event they put on. They want to bring a dynamic range of entertainment into Plymouth and the Southwest’s underground scene and maybe cast their musical spell across the U.K. in the future.

With this groundbreaking night taking place at The Factory, there is no doubt that people can join and celebrate an event that has been built upon local artists and resources. D.S.S. want to provide local artists the opportunity for crowds to contribute towards a well executed night, giving them the coverage they need to start their careers. They also offer local live sound engineers the chance to showcase their setups to audiences.

So if you want to be a part of this wonderful community then make your way to The Factory Plymouth on Friday 3rd June and experience the positive underground vibes that Dirty South Soundz have brought down to the city of Plymouth. The event has been created in association with NeuroFunkGrid, Mindtech Recording, Stomp’n’Wonk Recordings, Soothe Music and dBs Music Student Project.


★AKOV★ (Neurofunkgrid / Mindtech Recordings / DNB Arena)

October 14th 2013 was the day the world heard AKOV’s debut ‘Construct EP‘ come roaring through the Aether, released on the widely respected Neurofunkgrid the label built from D’n’B fans. First breaking ground with his remix of ‘Come Around-Collie Budz’ Akov solidified himself with a reputation of carrying a militant, junglist attitude in his tracks.
With other such huge releases coming out in 2016 such as his new E.P including huge tracks such as ‘Genesis’ and ‘Burn it down feat. Twitchee Cordz’ we can all see that there is no slowing down this Grizzly Bear.
The (Half English Half Russian) Bear human hybrid known as Akov has been throwing his weight around since. In less than a year he achieved a status within the Drum & Bass scene that will secure him a place in the ranks of the veterans for years.

Volatile Cycle

Volatile Cycle are the Duo to pull the thunder from the skies and into their tracks,let me introduce you to Dan Lawrence and Jimmy Chick, who joined forces in the studio in 2011. First experimenting many sides of Bass Music, they progressively focused on Neurofunk and quickly gained respect on the scene by releasing their tracks on Ink’s Architecture Recordings, Abducted LTD, Kosen Production and more recently on the mighty Renegade Hardware a label that have hailed some of the finest and filthiest artists within the scene such as Optiv, BTK and Nymfo, they have released banger time after time tearing through sound systems with anthems such as ‘Meatspin’ and ‘Status.feat Nuklear MC . Also spotted by NeurofunkGrid in 2013, their collaboration led to a first single release of the savage “Break & Enter” and then to the heavyweight “Lumphammer EP” in 2015. Drilling basses, resonant stabs and galloping drums are their imprint and it’s set to leave a permanent mark on the Neurofunk scene.