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Nov 15, 2002
I wish I knew....
DirtboxRadio brings live DnB to the masses every Sunday night (12-5am GMT). All you late night UK heads can end your weekend with some drums and some bass before the work week starts again. Showcasing the best talent from the Washington, DC, USA area, and beyond, this is not your average broadcast. We do not play around.

Lineup for February 2, 2003:

12-1am GMT - Suspicion - "...The Forthcoming" - Every once in a while, we like to play CD's sent into us. This is probably the best we've gotten recently. It's insane.
1am-3am GMT - Deinfamous & Phil Scott - These two are one of the best duos in DC. You never know what to expect to hear, but you can expect it to be some d*mn good jungle.
3am-5am GMT - Direct Logic - This guy is a quickly rising local dj. I don't know what he'll play, but it'll be fun to listen and find out.

Tune in, check us out, let us know what you think.
http://dirtboxradio.com/listen.html for the stream links.
http://jungletrain.net/chat.htm to holla at us.
http://danube.isr.umd.edu/dirtboxradio/webcam.html to see what goes on.
Hosted by ODJ and Jerel. Streamed via Shoutcast. Supported by Jungletrain.net .
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