Dirtbox Radio Tonight 10/26 : Projects, Phil Scott


Sep 23, 2003
berwyn heights, md, usa
What's up y'all,

Dirtbox is bringin the bump to your computer speakers again tonight, with the likes of Projects and Kru memeber Phil Scott throwin down some wax. I'd write ya a small essay about how these guys are the hardcizzle shizzle, but I'm tired as balls, it's 5:19am...

:: Btw, daylight savings time just hit (for all y'all affected by this), so set yer clocks back an hour and use it wisely ;)

Anywho, I'm too tired to write you an essay. Here's the timeslots:

07-08pm EST : ODJ & Jerel
08-10pm EST : Projects
10-12am EST : Phil Scott

To listen to all the bohnage, clicky here:


Big up Oneman1; Remix Renegades; George @ Goodfellas; Jeff and Joe from Eat Your Neighbors; Patrick & Mighty @ Destroyer; Eric, Erik, and Mike @ Expansion; JT, Brian, and Jesse; alla the listeners; energy drinks; and last but not least... beer. Oh, and I can't forget beer's friend pot.

Das ist alles...

Jackson (ODJ)
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