Devize & 3A - Underpantz / Watch the skies (4ward)


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This is a pretty standard stomping track from devize & 3A spiced up with some of their trademark fucked up sci fi noises. Great on the dancefloor, but has an extra bit of depth and personality which sets it apart from the usual bouncy dancefloor tracks. The track has a very rich and punchy sound and lovers of the midlands sound would be well advised to check this one out

Watch the skies:
A much more experimental track with some really nice string chords and chilled synths backed up by a simple 2step beat with more trademark scifi madness thrown in to add an abstract touch. A real driving bassline rounds this one off

This one won't be to everyone's tastes but it's something a little different so if you're looking for something new this could be right up your street