Drum & Bass Derelicts Of Tomorrow live interview and mix on Effect FM London 12-13-15

Derelicts Of Tomorrow

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Check out the recording from my interview with Effect FM London followed by my latest studio mix recorded exclusive for the listeners!!!!

My portion of the show kicks in at approx 1:13...


Derelicts Of Tomorrow - Street Lights - forthcoming ScheduleOne
Derelicts Of Tomorrow - Fucking Up - forthcoming ScheduleOne FREE
Derelicts Of Tomorrow - The Blob - forthcoming ScheduleOne
DTL Contraversy - Ruckus (Derelicts Of Tomorrow Remix)
Runner - Vicious (Derelicts Of Tomorrow Remix)
CBRN & Derelicts Of Tomorrow - Rude **WIP**
Derelicts Of Tomorrow & Runner - Ever Blessed
Data Drop feat. Starry Nyte - Dirty Minds (Derelicts Of Tomorrow Remix) - Faction Digital
Derelicts Of Tomorrow - Hardcore Junglist
True Spirit - Kill It (Derelicts Of Tomorrow Remix) **WIP**
Derelicts Of Tomorrow & Runner - Take Me Higher
Derelicts Of Tomorrow & Runner - Tabasco Sauce
TC - Get Down Low (DTL Contraversy Remix)
Nu:Logic - Bigfoot
Fonkah - Gangsta Shit - ScheduleOne
Krinjah - Kill Dem Fi Fun
Bman - Kill Dem
Nicky Nutz - The Muppet Show
Top Cat - Drunken Master
Derelicts Of Tomorrow - Skyfall 007 **WIP**

Big ups for having me on the show Maximilian Wilk !!!