DeepCutta Presents The Solaris Sequence *Atmospheric DnB '96-'99 Era Studio Mix*


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Join DeepCutta on a deep, atmospheric drum & bass journey through the outer reaches of space and consciousness. This nearly two hour long studio mix brings together over a decade of DeepCutta's favorite sci-fi laced atmospheric drum & bass tunes in to a classy, mature and cohesive interstellar aural adventure.

For those that know, this mix is based on the mid to late 90's atmospheric sounds pioneered by the record label 720 Degrees back when label-owner/producer/DJ Blame actually made good drum & bass! This is the music that initially got me in to DJing and motivated me to buy my first set of Technics. Here we are well over a decade later and I am still rocking the same tunes! It is too bad we don't see any compilations and mix CD's with this type of sound anymore, but hopefully this mix will get you by for the next year until I make a new one.

Oh, and you may notice, the movie Solaris had it's hand in me making this mix as well!! That movie has the best soundtrack I have EVER heard.


01 Invisible Man . Stormfields
02 Rantoul . Default
03 Photek . UFO (DeepCutta Visions of Mars Edit)
04 Nookie . Innerspace
05 Intense . Visions
06 Agent Orange . The Moons of Saturn
07 Chris J . Unknown
08 Mykra . Unknown
09 ASC . Frozen Shores
10 Intense . Dark Skies
11 Artemis . Sun Voyage
12 Adam F . Aromatherapy
13 Digtal . Spacefunk
14 Rob Playford & Goldie . The Shadow Process
15 Intense . First Contact
16 Blame . Point 4
17 Seba . Nostalgia
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