DnB Deejay Drapiidz - DJ Hazard Enuf iz Enuf VIP/DJ Hazard - D Minds - MR.Happy


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Jul 3, 2005
High Wycombe Village
my question to you is this ......

do u mix in key or do you when your mixing just pick records you like and put them together

the only problem i can see your majorly having is using "over done" music ..

people wont take you seriously via the web using these records plus it's only 2 records .. dude theres unknown djs all over the globe who in 10 mins can bash through 20+ tracks and they be in time .. if thats what you call mixing anyway .......

try doing a 1hr or cds worth mix .. place it up in the mix section and you will find people will download ... think about your selection etc etc as the millions of records to choose from in the world of dnb , so dont just play what dj name does in the format he does as your get slated like a church roof

goodluck happy mixing


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Dec 19, 2008
its not good. a bog standard mix with no eq work making it sound muffled
the first tune is an obvious illegal rip, that sort of thing is not really appreciated on here
the second tune is mr happy.. ur either really new to dnb or your taking the michael.

seems banana arena were fans tho
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