Dedkob Jungle Label is looking for new tracks!

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    Hi all,

    As some of you might (or might not) know, Dedkob is starting a digital jungle label (Dedkob - Junglists).
    In this fast evolving world the importance of digital distribution is growing every day and we want to give jungle the attention it deserves.

    We did make a very good deal and our releases will be available in online shops worldwide.
    Here's a selected list of the shops we will provide with our goodies
    For full list mail me personally.

    Be shure: we still love vinyl ourselves, but with recordshops closing everywhere or shops not willing to put their money in jungle music and only selling commercial stuff, we felt an urge to act and react.

    And now we need you! I know there are a lot of producers who make great tracks but who don't get the opportunity to release their stuff. So here's your chance.
    Make sure: we want tracks that haven't been released yet or that haven't been available for downloading purposes.
    We like all kinds of jungle: from oldskool, over raggajungle to junglecore. As long as the jungle vibe is there, we are willing to release it.
    Make sure you send tracks in a decent quality.

    And for credibility: you can ask all the dj's/producers that played at our parties or stayed at our places what they think of us. We do put our money where our mouth is. If we would be in it to make a shitload of money, we wouldn't be busy with jungle in the first place. It's all out of love for the music...

    If you want to send tracks or if you have some more questions, here's my adress: