Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (Caspa Remix)

Sammy Dexcell

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Oct 15, 2004
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Original smacks it, cant stop listenin to it, productionally a million times better than this waste!
I really dont rate caspa at all! Him n rusko have just got very lucky with samples, u can tell he dont really know how to produce, as his drums are quite weak an they've only just started makin ok bass...?:confused:
Just my opinions but i should really keep them to myself as ppl bum them so much!!! Personally there's alot better unappreciated producers out there that piss all over these fools! :rinsed:


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Jan 30, 2008
big tune
shame that most of his album was crap

yea it was a bit, standard caspa wub wub wub wub wa-wa wub wub wub, which is a shame cos hes got some classics he could have put on there like cockney violin and well ard not to mention maybe a rubber chicken remix or something
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