DEADBOY exclusive mixtape for SRSLY.


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DEADBOY exclusive mixtape for SRSLY.
On Friday 3rd June SRSLY. will host for the FIRST TIME IN ITALY one of the most appreciated djs from London: DEADBOY!
To celebrate the event he prepared an EXCLUSIVE MIXTAPE for SRSLY... enjoy!

SRSLY. is the Italian hometown of Future Bass, featuring UK Bass acts at their national debut.

In just four months, SRSLY. has been able to rewrite the Italian clubbing scene, offering original sounds, memorable parties and hosting some of the most representative artists of the British underground scene like BEN UFO, PARIAH, IKONIKA, SHACKLETON and PAUL SPYMANIA.

SRSLY.'s next gigs are GIRL UNIT, on Friday 27th May, and DEADBOY, on Friday 3rd June! /// /// ///