Darkland025 - Saphir - Up Your Scene EP (320k mp3's)

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    Darkland025 Saphir - Up Your Scene EP

    Saphir – Up Your Scene EP – Darkland

    Darkland Recordings is back with a vengeance, and if they continue to unleash stormers like this, they will soon be a force to be reckoned with. Saphir steps up with this 4 track concoction of grimey bass and crisp beats. The ideas don’t just stick to one sound, which is a welcome shift, given some of the “same-y” tunes other producers continue to churn out. You have “None”, which combines a hard tech funk underlying the tune, while staying very deep and epic sounding. “Reclipse” is almost a mash up of techno influences riding over top of some dub-centric bass. Then you have tracks like “No Return”, which is a straight balls-to-the-wall sound clash. Rollin’ bass running red over a spastic drum track, ready to murk any dance floor it’s dropped on. To round out this EP, “Panoptic” will keep your head nodding with its infectious drum edits and subwoofer brutalizing bass. You don’t find too many chameleon producers who take to so many different styles of DnB like Belgium’s Saphir.




    A. Saphir - Panoptic
    B. Saphir - No Return
    C. Saphir - Reclipse
    D. Saphir - None


    2006 Saphir

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