DarkBoxRecordings present : Brainpain - Titans of the Dark LP [DKBDLP001]

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Jan 24, 2010
Brainpain - Titans of the Dark LP [DKBDLP001]


Artist: Brainpain
Title: Titans of the Dark LP
Label: DarkBox Recordings
Format: Digital
Cat.n.: DKBDLP001


1) Geevious vs Brainpain feat. The Sleepwalker - In Your Dead Eyes
2) Empire X vs Brainpain - Dominator 666
3) Hostage vs Brainpain & Satan - Destroyers
4) Numek vs Brainpain feat. The Sleepwalker - No Man In Your Eyes
5) Peter Kurten vs Brainpain - Dominators
6) OTM vs Brainpain - Asylum
7) Brainpain - Bow Before Me
8) Brainpain - Darkbox
9) Brainpain - Screaming Machines
10) Brainpain - Bow Before Me (Dubstep mix)

DarkBox Recordings proudly presents their first LP release by Brainpain from Wroclaw, Poland. Dj and producer of DnB, Dubstep, Experimental and Chill Out.
Making music for around 10 years, started from Heavy Metal through Atari teenage Riot to Breakcore, all of this mixed in his head is now hitting the clubs worldwide.
Since 2008 his tracks have been released on labels like Mindsaw/ Dubsaw, Section 8, Sustained, Veri Lo, Black Hoe, Foul Play, Mindocracy, Sociopath, Monstersound and now on DarkBox for which he also dedicated one of his tunes! He's also running the indipendent Dubstep label Dubsaw Recordings together with Xzist and Pkay.

Brainpain is a merciless sound oppressor that uses heavy bass artillery, he'll take no prisoners. Once you hear his always fresh Dubstep or DnB you'll never stay the same!

This masterpiece contains collaborations with some well known artists like Empire X, Numek, Peter Kurten, Hostage, Geevious, Satan, OTM and The Sleepwalker. Ten tracks of extraterrestrial soundscapes filled with phat basslines, bomb kicks and snare blades!

A medicine for all the bass psychos and broken drum junkies!!!!




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