Dark, tech, neurofunk and jump up mix.

Hi guys a new mix from myself:


1. Dub Phizix - Codec
2. Dub Phizix - Creator
3. Jubei - Gateway
4. Dub Phizix - Scum
5. Optiv & BTK - Whatever
6. Dub Phizix - Marka
7. Emperor - ?
8. ??
9. Konichi - Simulator Music
10. FD - Break & Enter
11. Friction - Third Degree Gurns VIP
12. Hazard - Air Guitar
13. Treo ?
14. Audio ft Stapleton - Fall Back
15. Wintermute - Out Of Scale (Mefjus Remix)
16 - ?
17 ?
18 ?
19 - Neonlight - Computer Music
20 - Fourward - Raver
21 ?
22 ?
23 - Jayline - Lets Go VIP
24 ?
25 - Cyantific - The Tomorrow People
26 - Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub
27 - Pendulum - Vault
28 - Body & Soul and Fourward - No One Here (ft. Filo)

I'll post the remaining track list later as can't remember all the song names now! Feedback would be much appreciated, and I hope you all enjoy.
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Hey there, listening to your mix now, it sounds like you have the bass turned up on both tracks when mixing them, I might be wrong, if so theres something else wrong with your EQing, good tracklist though, i'm not into jump up but the selection for the other tracks is spot on
Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciated it. There were a couple of tracks where the bass was up by 15% on one and 85% on the other - it sounded ok on my monitor but the interface provided a different sound, bit unfortunate really as it made for a couple of dodgy eqs in the set. I kept jump up to a minimum - 2 tracks that I thought stood out from 90% of shit in the jump up world :) again thanks very much for the feedback and I'll put the rest of the track list on there later.


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great selection, need abit of work with the EQs as mentioned, the drops would have much more impact if these were nailed.
few slips and slides but nothings that ruined the mix too much

Interesting opener, just think you brought Creator in before you properly matched it, like with some of the other mixes later, just thought you were bringing tunes in too early..
Thought the roll of that Emperor track over Marka was very smart, really stood out for me
Great to hear Simulator Music just the mixes slid away from you a bit
FD >> FRICTION was pretty good, tightest mix on there
Although when the heavy track went over Air Guitar, that was bangin !
After that rolled through some techy bits - Jayline came in and i lost interest tbh

Would love to hear a 45 minute mix but alot cleaner, keep up the variation man, look forward to the next mix as this is 5 months old already ? o_O