Dark/Tech/Liquid DJ? - Dark Wax Radio wants you...


Stomp It Up
DARK WAX RADIO HAS LAUNCHED!! www.darkwaxradio.com

Dark Wax is a new internet radio station specialising in all things dark dnb & is part of Dark Wax Recordings.
For a slice of the Dark Wax label sound check out a mix...


Launching in a few weeks we have places in the schedule for quality, dedicated DJ'S.

We will be holding events in London that all Dark Wax DJ's will have the opportunity to play at, so ideally you need to live in or around London, or be willing to travel.
The first will be our launch night in a couple of months ... details to follow....

Deep Wax Sundays are all about the liquid flavour on Dark Wax, so if you're a liquid DJ & are available for a sunday slot get in touch. Liquid DJ's will be able to play at future events also.

DJ/Producer/Label owner?
If you have a label you'd like to promote with a weekly show Dark Wax Radio wants you.
We'll be holding label affilliated nights in the future, so if you've got a dark label with DJ'S get in touch.

On a different timezone?
Dark Wax is a 24 hour station so we're also looking for DJ'S from around the globe.
We will be holding events outside of the UK in the future so if you'd like to be a part get in touch.

For more info etc...
AIM: dennean2004
msn: dennean@hotmail.co.uk
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