dark dnb mix for winter blues

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    Ive recorded a dark dnb mix, tunes rangin old to new startin with some rollers and finishing with some allout techy anger tunes. feedback is appreciated, there a couple of mistakes with the mixing especially the first mix so my apologies! hope you enjoy.

    also if anyone is lookin for djs in or around the Leeds area let me know. cheers

    1. enduser - wednsday
    2.rawthang - headbutt
    3.muffler- embrace(SPL rmx)
    4.hive and gridlock - event horizon
    5.panacea - motion sickness (SPL remix)
    6. Tech Itch - The Hand
    6. black sun empire - driving insane
    7.panacea - an ounce of leniency
    8. panacea and raiden - connect the dots
    7. audio - delusional
    8.spor - way of the samurai
    9.tech itch - cold blood
    10. axis and trank - the scent (current value rmx)
    11. limewax - one of them
    12. limewax and dylan - cleansed by a nightmare
    13. panacea - rave music resurrected


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